The System of Fight against Fraud in Public Procurements is Set off

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The System of Fight against Fraud in Public Procurements is Set off

Information system on fight against fraud in public procurements at electronic auction "Independent Registrar" is set off on 27 September.

"Independent Registrar" is an IT-system, which registers all actions in the process of auctions on electronic platforms (both from the part of the marketplace and from the part of the customer) and gives an auction an opportunity to find out cases of fraud.

The information will be encrypted and only Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) will be able to decrypt it in cases of complaints against the marketplace from the participants of the auction. FAS will have an opportunity to ask the system for the information concerning some concrete auction and so it will be able to inspect it.

Voluntary registering

"Up to this moment FAS had no objective information of this kind in such cases. It was not clear whom to believe and on the basis of what to take decisions," - said the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Communications Michail Evraev to the journalists.

With the help of this system it will be possible to confirm the fact of lack of Internet connection with the participant of the auction or the fact of DDoS-attack in the process of the auction.

According to Evraev the amount of electronic auctions in 2013 outreached 4,4 trillion rubles, all in all 1,3 million auctions took place. At the same time, in Deputy Minister's words, the amount of fraud at such auctions "can be definitely measured in tens or even hundreds of milliards". "I think that electronic fraud is more than 100 milliard rubles. Nobody can give definite figures, because there is no objective information," - mentioned Evraev.

Before connecting the system of the auction participants it will be necessary to install a special program, which can be uploaded from the site of public procurements, on your computer. Installation and use of this program is a user's personal affair so far. The program will conduct video recording of the picture on the computer screen and also of the user's actions during his work at the electronic marketplace.

"Now application of "Independent Registrar" will be voluntary, we want to find out mistakes and problems and only after this to pass to obligatory work in the system," - said Evraev. According to his words Ministry wants to make the use of the system obligatory beginning with the year 2016.

Nowadays five electronic marketplaces are connected with the system, thanks to what all their actions during the auctions will be traced. All the information is kept by the operator of "Independent Registrar" - Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) Research Institute "Voshod". The creation of the system together with its exploitation by the end of 2015 cost 119,5 million rubles.

In perspective it is planned to connect all state and municipal sites having information on public procurements to the system.

So a mechanism of objective fixation appears. It will be able to use it in cases, which demand proofs. The procedure of appeal won't be onerous for the provider, the efficiency and quality of complaints will increase. An organizer of the auction will have some additional motivation to provide clear, smooth and uninterrupted auction procedures.






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