The state Order and the Municipal Order, What is it?

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The state Order and the Municipal Order, What is it?

Today the state order and the municipal order play a more and more significant role in the life of the state. Their special necessity in business sphere appeared due to the fact that state order and the municipal order cover all fields of business, beginning with foodstuffs up to building of municipal objects.

This results in fierce competition between contractors, as receiving a state order gives all possibilities to become a leader in some definite sphere of the market. The company, that has received the state order, gets a steady and reliable partner , that is the state.

Nevertheless, competent preparation is necessary to make participation in the state order system executive and profitable.

The first stage on the way to perfect participation in tenders, held by the state and commercial customers at electronic marketplaces (EM), is getting a digital signature (DS) and an accreditation for the EM by the producer, the contractor or the doer.

During the second stage with a view to realization of the goods the participant of the state order layout must conduct monitoring of tenders announced both as state as municipal customers and as commercial customers. On the basis of the results of this monitoring the participant of the state order layout decides which tenders are interesting for him, counts practicability of further taking part in such tenders (or refusing them).

The next stage is the most difficult for absolutely all the participants of state order layout, because this phase includes the following actions:

  • drawing up and submitting applications for participation in the tender;
  • direct participation in the auction (including electronic auction) at EM.

During this phase the winner of the tender is determined and it is very important to draw up and submit applications for participation in the tender in a correct way, following all the demands of the existing law of the Russian Federation, and, what is most important, following the demands of the customer.

Application for auction is an electronic document formed through the regular interface of EM, which consists of two parts: the first part of the application contains the information about the auction item, the second part of it presents information about the applicant himself. Practice shows, that the participants of the state order layout have much more difficulties with drawing up the first part of the application, which demands strict compliance with the requirements of the law.

In case of successful passing of the previous stage and recognizing you as the winner during the final fourth stage of taking part in tender the participant signs the contract with the customer. The participant of the state order layout must provide the customer with the contract enforcement.

According to the current legislature either the transfer of funds to the account of the customer or the bank guarantee can serve as such enforcement.

Public procurements are a real and steady source of good orders and a wonderful way to earn money even in a difficult economic situation.

Winning tenders is a source of additional income that can turn into an essential steady one, its great profit your company can get.

Every year it's more and more difficult to understand the nuances of the state order layout, in correct interpretation of numerous changes in legislation.






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