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The cost of legal services of the Law Company  " Consultant ".

Civil litigation – from 25 000 rubles;

Arbitration cases – from 50 000 rubles;

Establishment and registration of a company -10 000 rubles;

Registration of a self-employed sole trader  - 5 000 rubles (including state fee);

Subscription services of enterprises - from 40 000 rubles;

Complex support in electronic trading - from 10 000 rubles;

Registration of a real estate - from 10 000 rubles;

Other legal services - by agreement;

Verbal advice of a lawyer on all questions we offer free of charge

 If you are getting legal services is important for you to:

- Your lawyer is a professional in his field;

- Responsibly carry out his obligations;

- Think about your case, instead of his fee;

- Treasure his name and reputation;

- Take your problems and needs seriously,

apply to the Law Company  "Consultant "!

We will be a reliable adviser and partner for you!