Corporate disputes

Corporate disputes

Services of the Law Company " Consultant " in the field of corporate disputes can be divided into 2 groups:

  • prevention of corporate disputes;
  • determination of corporate disputes.

Under the adjustment of dispute we:

  • take all possible measures to decide the dispute out of court; (mediation: gathering information about the parties to the conflict, the legal analysis of the positions of the parties, negotiations to conclude an agreement);
  • in appropriate cases : defending your interests in the court.

Service Price (rubles)
Out of court settlement (mediation) individually
Litigation, the first instance from 35 000
Litigation, the subsequent instance from 25 000

Most often in our practice, there are the following types of corporate disputes:

  • challenging the decisions of regulatory body of legal entities;
  • coercion of a regulatory body to a member (shareholder) to provide information or documents about the activities of a legal entities;
  • challenging a dealing in stocks and transactions with shares in the charter capitals of commercial company;
  • disputes with the state authorities related to the illegal registration or refusal to register of legal entities, change of the constituent documents, the issue of shares;
  • disputes between the participants (shareholders);
  • hostile takeovers and raider grabs.






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