Arbitration tribunal. Litigation in the Arbitration court

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Arbitration tribunal. Litigation in the Arbitration court.

Arbitration tribunal. Litigation in the Arbitration court.

The Law Firm can provide services of litigation in arbitration courts. When you contact with us, you can be sure - we will inform you about the prospects of the case. It will help you to make an informed decision about the judicial recourse.

Before filing of a complaint, we examine your information, documents and materials in the case. As necessary, the company's lawyers will help you to gather corroboration,  it may affect a court judgement.

We are interested in the result, and offer you a flexible pricing policy. In most cases, most of the fee ("contingency fee") is paid after a successful result (execution of the judgment /refusal to grant approval).

Most often refer to us the following categories of disputes:

• tax controversy;

• corporate disputes;

• real property disputes;

• debt recovery disputes;

• other categories of disputes considered by arbitration courts.

Cost of services for Litigation in the Arbitration court

Service Price (rubles)
Litigation in first instance arbitration courts from 35,000
Litigation in subsequent instances arbitration courts from 40,000

The work of our experts in the Litigation in Arbitration court includes:

- preliminary analysis of documents and determination of the prospects of dispute;

- expert evidence of documentation provided by the client and available in the case papers;

- determination a strategy of conduct of the process;

- preparation of the statement of a claim and other required documents (statement of defence, etc.);

- submission of claim materials to the court;

- preparation of submissions, commentaries and other documents necessary for the litigation;

- representing clients in judicial sitting;

- if necessary - the preparation of the appeal/ cassation petition, or response to the appeal/   

  cassation appeal;

- interpretation of judicial acts;

- execution of judgment (proceeding in execution).

Services in Arbitration court can be provided comprehensively or severally:

Service Price (rubles)
Expert evidence of documentation and case papers. from 15 000
Preparation of the statement of claim and other claim papers from 15 000
Execution of judgment (proceeding in execution) from 15 000






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